Pacific Crash Not Company's First

(KHNL) - After a pair of downed pilots are plucked from the ocean in a successful rescue. We find out their company has a history of crashing into the Pacific.

In the latest water landing, the pilot, 48 year old Lyn Grey and co-pilot, 28 year old Kristian Kauter ran into engine trouble a thousand miles off the coast of California forcing them to go down.

They were flying a twin engine Piper Seminole for the company Clamback and Hennessey.

One of the owners of that company ray clamback has also been rescued from the Pacific not once but twice.

It's one of the risks of moving aviation aircraft across the Pacific, what is known as ferrying. Something Clambeck's website claims he has done over 250 times.

And when things go wrong, the coast guard is alerted. Sometimes assisting as the plane goes down.

While Ray Clamback is here on Oahu and has met with the pilots of the latest downed plane, he was not available to comment on his company's latest crash.