Pacific Crash Survivors Arrive In Honolulu

(KHNL) - Two survivors of a small plane crash that landed in the ocean on Thursday are finally safely back on land.

The two-pilots arrived in Honolulu at the coast guard station on Sand Island.

The pilot, 48 year old Lyn Grey and co-pilot, 28 year old Kristian Kauter were relieved to walk off the boat and onto land. The two are from Australia and work for a company that transports airplanes.

They were flying a twin-engine piper seminole from Santa Barbara, California and were suppose to make a stop in Hilo.

They declared an in-flight emergency off the coast of California. From there, the Coast Guard was able to assist them.

The plane crashed 535-miles off Hilo on Thursday.

A container ship headed to China brought them aboard. A coast guard boat picked them up Saturday afternoon.

Kristian Kauter the co-pilot said, "It's certainly nice to be back on land."

The pilot, Lyn Grey has flown the same-trip a total of seventeen times. The two pilots work for an Australian company called Climbock and Hennessey.