Tiger Shark Washes Up in Kaneohe

KANEOHE (KHNL) - A large tiger shark washed up onto the shores of Kaneohe Bay.

It was found Thursday night near Heeia Kea pier. There were no obvious signs of injury to the shark.

A canoe club discovered the large tiger shark as they were wrapping up practice.

Some of the kids in the club spotted the shark floating to shore and went in to investigate.

"All the canoes were out practicing, the kids were fooling around after practice and they saw the shark floating in the water. I guess it somehow dies during the night and came floating in with the currents," said Bobby Perreira, assistant coach of the Kaneohe Canoe Club.

It's the third time a shark has washed up on a windward beach in the past month.

A couple of weeks ago dozens of dead baby hammerhead sharks were discovered along Kaneohe Bay.

Days after that, a large hammerhead shark washed up at Bellows Air Force station.