Hawaiian Telcom Customers Doubled-Billed

Ann Nishida, Hawaiian Telcom spokesperson
Ann Nishida, Hawaiian Telcom spokesperson

(KHNL) - For thousands of customers, Hawaiian Telcom mistakenly double billed their customers with automatic payment plans.

And for some customers this double billing caused them to bounce checks.

Some customers at Hawaiian Telcom retail centers are shocked by their May bills.

Ann Nishida with Hawaiian Telcom says, "Essentially their April balance carried over and the money was withdrawn via automatic payment."

Within a week the company noticed the error and refunded customers. "As soon as we discovered the error we reversed the entire amount immediately to the customers' account," said Nishida.

Those without automatic payment need to check their may statement.  Thousands of additional May invoices include the April amount.

You are getting charged twice for April.  If this is the case simply pay your May bill.

The billing error could be described as growing pains for a company bringing operations back home.

Call takers are calmly working their way through each complaint.

Nishida says she is sorry, "We apologize to all our customers. We know it is frustrating we are working very hard to make things right and get the billing back on track."