Grand Jury Indicts Home Invasion Suspect

Ruben Royce during a court appearance in November 2005.
Ruben Royce during a court appearance in November 2005.

(KHNL) - A man accused of breaking into an actor's home in Hawaii Kai last year was indicted Thursday. Prosecutors say Ruben Royce went on a crime spree that included robbing Josh Holloway from the TV show Lost.

Prosecutors say Ruben Royce was a very busy man, breaking into six homes from Salt Lake to Hawaii Kai in less than three weeks.

"He just randomly went to several homes looking for expensive cars primarily to hit as a target, and assuming that people are, got money if they got expensive cars," Maurice Arrisgado, deputy prosecutor, said.

Josh Holloway's house in Hawaii Kai was the fourth one hit. The actor from the TV show Lost told police he and his wife were robbed at gunpoint by a masked man.

"Basically, he threatened to shoot them if they didn't open the door," Arrisgado said.

People were home in five of the six burglaries. Prosecutors say Royce opened fire during one of the break-ins.

"He busted in, as I indicated to the court, and actually fired a 45-caliber pistol towards the occupants," Arrisgado said.

Now, eight months later, an Oahu Grand Jury indicts Royce on a total of 30 charges. They range from robbery and car theft, to kidnapping and attempted murder.

"H.P.D. did a good job of figuring out, tying all these cases together and actually tracking him down and picking him up before anything more serious could happen," Arrisgado said.

Royce's bail is set at one million dollars.