Litter Letter

A new bill signed into law increases the fine for littering from $25 to at least $100. Wow, that's a high price to pay for that burger wrapper or cigarette butt. But maybe that's what it will take for some of the ignorati to stop casually tossing their junk or leaving it behind. No one likes to find your leftover lunch or juice cans at the beach, in the park, on the sidewalk or the road, or tossed out of your car window.

People in Hawaii talk about taking pride in our land, our aina, yet some people seem to think that this wonderful earth is their personal litterbox. Maybe getting caught just once will wake up these garbage gurus and make them see the error in their ways. Yes, it might mean one more item for our law enforcement officials to be more vigilant about while they still have to be wary of other crimes.

But slapping someone with a $100 fine once in a while might just shake up that guy and his like-minded friends or family, and maybe they can all then deal with their clueless, life's-not-fair-so-leave-me-alone, it's just-a-piece-of-paper-so-who-cares, mommy-never-liked-me-anyway issues at the same time they're paying that higher litter citation. Think about it...