Icing The Users

On October 1st, a new law will take effect which limits how much pseudoephedrine a customer can buy. The intent is to limit the availability of the main ingredient used in the production of crystal methamphetamine, or ice. The stories of ice users in Hawaii are well-known; this drug knows no ethnic or socio-economic boundaries. Too many lives have already been destroyed through usage of this powerful drug, which can cause brain damage right from the first usage.

How effective this new law will be remains to be seen, because necessity is the mother of invention, and drug users and peddlers will always try to find ways to keep the supply chain going, though this effort should help to curtail the growth of local meth labs. But since much of Hawaii's ice is smuggled into the state, rather than produced here, work remains to be done in the continued crackdown on drug traffickers and the clever methods by which they continue to ply their trade and poison our residents and themselves.

This law is yet another weapon and it may inconvenience some legitimate cold remedy users and some retailers, but it's worth the humbug. We all pay the price for abuse. Think about it...