Dubious Date Not a Concern for Locals

(KHNL) - Many people have been talking about the dubious nature of Tuesday's date.

June 6, 2006. In other words, 6/6/06.

Pastor Luna Lyons says in the Book of Revelations, 666 is referred to as the mark of the beast.

"And it is a prophetic warning to the church, to the Christian believers that they're not to take on this mark," said Lyons.

But the people were talked to were not intimidated by a few digits.

"Nope, everything's been great, knock on metal," said one resident.

But some people in other parts of the country are making the most of this day. A couple is celebrating this date by tying the knot in Sin City.

Others don't want anything to do with this day. Some pregnant women were induced days ago so their baby wouldn't have a 6/6/06 birthday.

But most people will tell you, they're not afraid of a few numbers, at least not yet.

"But the day's not over yet so time will tell," said one visitor.