Two Girls Survive Near Drowning

Stanley Okada; Russell Canencia
Stanley Okada; Russell Canencia

RED HILL (KHNL) Two young children are lucky to be alive after having problems at an Oahu pool Sunday. It's a scary reminder of the danger of drowning - something more kids may face -- with our weather warming up and children out of school.

Sunday's near drowning happened at the Moanalua Hillside Apartments complex at 1229 Ala Kapuna Street, when the two girls were reportedly underwater for about two minutes.

Fire department and emergency response personnel rushed to the scene, but according to witnesses, it was quick thinking by the girls auntie and uncle that saved the two.

"We saw the child in the towel and the uncle and the auntie was, like, assisting her, so we came and asked what happened. They said she was on the bottom of the pool for a while. Two of them was on the bottom of the pool, and they pulled them out" said witness Stanley Okada.

"One of the girls was laying down and I was asking her questions, if she can breathe and all that kine stuff, cause I learned some CPR stuff, too. She was all right, she was squeezing the auntie's hand ." said witness Russell Canencia.

The girls were taken to the Kapiolani Medical Center. The fire department said that luckily, they were resucitated in time.

A reminder as summer months begin, parents should keep a close eye on their children around the water, and all adults should learn CPR.