Bittersweet Graduation

(KHNL) - Waialua High School's senior class will be graduating without two of their own.

Shane Bachiller and Lanikila Vierra died in a single car crash three weeks ago.

Shane and Lanikila's parents are attending the graduation tonight to receive their sons' diplomas.

Early Saturday at Shane's house, family and friends were getting ready for graduation. Shane's entire family is attending the ceremony, which began at 5:30 at Waialua High School.

Shane's auntie, made two ti leaf lei in honor of the teens.

The family held a barbecue. They sat that's what Shane would want them to do.

Family and friends have turned the accident site into a make shift memorial on Kaukonahua road.

The two popular teens and a group of their friends crashed into a tree on the winding road on May 13th.

Three survived except Shane and Lanikila.

They were celebrating Shane's 18th birthday.

Following the graduation, the family is planning to hold a party at their Waialua home.