Businesses Suffer As a Result of Power Outage

Valerio's Tropical Bakeshop manager Rigel Ferrer
Valerio's Tropical Bakeshop manager Rigel Ferrer

HONOLULU - Bakers at Valerio's Tropical Bakeshop work fast to make up for lost time.

"Everything shut off, the oven shut off and production stopped," said manager Rigel Ferrer. Ferrer says their day usually ends at 6pm at night, but now they have to stay three hours later. That's not the only hold up.

The bakers couldn't make about 2,400 items and the shop lost more than $500 in sales. Ferrer says the power went out around 2pm, their busiest period. "People get home from work and stop by to get their dinner rolls," explained Ferrer.

Earlier, Jenny Chu was also in the dark trying to run her restaurant next door. "Bad, bad business because we're cooking a lot of inside food. We cannot sell. What you going to do?" Chu said, owner of Jenny's Drive-In.

Chu couldn't cook for hours and lost more than $600 in revenue. She also moved all her meats and perishables to the freezer to buy time. "I cannot sleep tomorrow. I have to work plenty," Chu said.

Back at Valerio's Tropical Bakeshop, power was back on. Customers may not get hot fresh baked rolls on this (Thursday) evening. But at least there's packaged bread to sell-- something to bring in a little dough. Ferrer said, "I'll eat up the costs and go with it."

Hawaiian Electric Company restored power to 37-thousand Oahu customers who were left without service Thursday afternoon.

The blackout affected customers in Hawaii Kai, Waimanalo, Kahala, Manoa, Pearl City, Waipahu, Kunia, Ewa Beach and Makakilo.

HECO spokesman Jose Dizon says the company was forced to initiate outages to stabilize the system when three generating units tripped off line.

Dizon says the move was necessary to avoid damage to the total system and to avoid a more extensive outage.

Problems began about noon Thursday when a private generator went down at Campbell Industrial Park. About two hours later, two units went down at HECO's Waiau plant.

In addition, four HECO units were already off line for scheduled maintenance.

The last major blackout on Oahu occurred December 19th, 2002.