Ethanol Stations Soon to Open on Oahu

George Nitta
George Nitta

(KHNL) - Are you looking to pinch some pennies at the pump?

George Nitta and 40 other business partners have a plan.

"Well, we're planning on opening up ethanol gas stations," said Nitta.

Nitta owns his own auto body repair shop and he's also part of Hawaii Ethanol Holdings. It's a company that wants to open ethanol service stations, where you could fill your car with two different grades of ethanol for as little as $2 per gallon.

If your car isn't ethanol-friendly, you can convert it for a price. It'll cost between $400 and $800 for a European or American car and $3,000 for a Japanese vehicle.

Nitta explains how the conversion would work.

"It's a little box thing and it hooks up to the fuel line and piggybacks the computer and it tells the computer that ethanol's coming on board so we gotta change," said Nitta.

Drivers we talked to expressed mixed feelings about the idea.

"If you invested $30,000 in your car, another $800 sounds reasonable," said a driver.

"I don't think people are going to want to spend a couple hundred more dollars on their car and plus who's going to say what your car's going to look like after you put it in there," said another driver.

"Well, the octane is higher so you have less problems. Oil lasts longer because there's no detonation and it's cleaner burning," said Nitta.

The company hopes to open 25 stations across the state, with the first location ready by December.