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June 2, 2006

Graffiti Grates

One has to wonder why all of these incredibly talented local graffiti artists don't take their acumen for painting and put it to some useful purpose- like renovating old schools or fixing up some non-profits' walls.

Why waste good paint and your free time when perhaps you can legally ply your trade, and maybe even feel good and make some money off of it? Why waste the time to get your jollies with some artistic rendering in the public domain that invariably gets covered over in days?

Why cause random damage to Hawaii's property, like some sort of warped pseudo-Renoir arsonist, when you obviously could be doing something more productive?

Graffiti simply serves to remind the rest of us that sometimes really good and creative people really waste their free time away; and sometimes really bad artists show us why they should probably be neither seen nor heard. And for those who tell us about their true loves or homeboy affiliations through obnoxious graffiti, do everyone a favor, write a note and mail it to the intended parties instead. Think about it...

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