War & Rememberance

A few days before Memorial Day, I was driving past the 100th Infantry Battalion Veteran's Office on Kamoku Street when I saw a sight that brought a smile to my face. A veteran got out from behind the wheel of his van and slowly, gingerly, walked around to the other side of the vehicle and helped a friend out of the van, a friend who walked very deliberately with the aid of a cane, as you might expect for someone well into his 9th decade.

They both smiled as they entered the facility, and I thought, "How many times do they reminisce about what they did, how hard they fought, how many brothers they lost, how many times they have come together and helped each other- in the war and after the war?" They still help each other out; and they do it humbly, simply, and without fanfare.

Now, in 2006, as World War II veterans' numbers continue to dwindle, it made me proud and happy to see that these friendships and bonds have endured for more than 60 years. So to my father, a proud veteran of this country, and to all of these brave warriors who did so much and who mean so much, I say, keep smiling, for your smiles and efforts have been truly a beacon for us all. Think about it...