Kaneohe Couple Arrested Again in Police Raid

(KANEOHE) KHNL - Police raided a unit at the Windward Acres apartment complex on Kahuhipa Street looking for bomb-making devices early Tuesday morning.

"First thing I said was, 'oh no, not again,' and I thought it was for the same thing again 'til someone said oh no, the kids were trying to make a bomb," said Fred Den Haan, apartment manager.

They didn't find any bombs, but, instead, discovered drugs.  And it's not the first time.

Last year, police obtained a drug warrant for the same unit and arrested a man and a woman, the same two people they arrested Tuesday morning.

Police arrested 39 year-old Wendy Cabrera and 23 year-old Issaac Joe, along with 23 year-old Lindsay Pacheco.

The apartment manager said he knew very little about the tenants who were renting the unit.

He didn't receive complaints about these tenants from neighbors, but he noticed a lot of foot traffic near the apartment.

Police have not yet charged the three Kaneohe residents.