Aid Sent to Indonesia from Pacific

(KHNL) -- Officials in Indonesia say the movement of aid to desperate victims is taking too long.

But the U-S military will speed up the process. Lt. Colonel Mike Ramos with US Marine Corp Forces Pacific says the corp is, "leading a joint humanitarian relief operation to reduce further loss of life and help alleviate human suffering."

Already U-S military members from the pacific region have landed in Indonesia.

The initial team is assessing runways and coordinating the relief effort.

More than 100 military doctors, nurses and technicians are on their way to Indonesia.

They are bringing surgical, trauma, and laboratory expertise to the earthquake ravaged area.

Sailors from the Navy hospital ship "Mercy" and airman from Guam and are also en route.

Already three U-S aircraft are in preparing for this lifesaving mission. Lt. Col Ramos adds, "We offer our sincere condolences to the people of indonesia affected by this tragedy and we'll do our best to ease their suffering with available medical assets."