Memorial Day At Punchbowl

(KHNL) - Hundreds gathered at a Memorial Day ceremony at Punchbowl to remember veterans.

The ceremony also included a special motorcycle convoy.

About 300 members from the Vietnam Vets Motorcycle Club and other motorcycle chapters of Hawaii rode here to pay their respects.

"Memorial Day has a tendency to become commercialized and stuff so having it like this is a good time to remember," said Mark Rugenstein, veteran.

Some veterans say it's a good time to send a message to the younger generation.

"When you take history in school, you should learn what all this represents because someday you may be in our shoes," said Garey Lester, veteran.

Earlier in the day, Hawaii's youth honored veterans. About 2,500 boy and girl scouts put flags and leis on the graves at Punchbowl in preparation for the ceremony.

"I know that they did a good job protecting us and that's why our country is still here today," said Cody Shishido, boy scout.