Celebrating Special Athletes

Jason Pascua
Jason Pascua

(KHNL) - They are all winners at this weekend's special olympics competition.

But for 15 years Jason Pascua has given his all in these games.

His father is also his coach and says the competition and comaradarie have changed his life.

"His spirit seems to be up as a young man. Special olympics helps him to be a better person, a happier person," Leabert Pascua.

jason describes his winning technique with one word, "Whoosh!"

Jason's mom Deina brags about her "special" son, "Well jason did the running long jump and the shotput and he got he bronze for the running long jump and he got fourth place in shotput."

Over six hundred athletes are competing in the Hawaii Summer Games this weekend.

Though Jason and the other athletes have special needs, Jason's mom says he's perfect just the way he is, "Jason's a happy fun loving very sociablle person, and just loves his whole life and the special olympics."

Jason teaches us a life lesson we may have forgotten, that were all winners.