Honolulu After Dark: Building a "Pearl"

Beau Mohr shows KHNL News 8 the construction progress of the new "Pearl" nightclub
Beau Mohr shows KHNL News 8 the construction progress of the new "Pearl" nightclub

by Cindy Paliracio

HONOLULU (KHNL): A new night spot still under construction hopes to become the next happening place in town. It's called Pearl. The lounge isn't expected to open until early summer. It's located on the top level of Ala Moana Shopping Center. And the builders are sparing no expense. Beau Mohr is going over the blueprints for the bar with his contractor. You can't see it yet. This space looks nothing like a contemporary and upscale lounge. But once the framing, plumbing, and electrical work is done, crews can begin the final phase. This construction zone will come to life once everything's installed: the furniture, carpets, bar tops, fixtures.

"The lighting the color, the lighting, the color and fabrics of the bar stools," says Mohr.

Basically all the little details. For example, plasma screens in the men's restrooms.

"I'm not sparing any expense," says Mohr.

There will be an open lanai, three rooms with dozens of fabric styles including ten wall finishes and four different floor finishes.

"You can't just go down to your neighborhood Lowe's. You gotta make sure its ordered a lot of times it takes special orders six weeks," says Mohr.

It's all a juggling act.

"Interior design, about permitting, licensing, lease negotiation, security, everything," says Mohr.

Mohr travelled to some of the hottest clubs on the mainland to get ideas.

"Trying to bring this wow factor from mainland to Hawaii, what i've seen in Las Vegas, what i've seen in Los Angeles," says Mohr.

And add a local flair.

"I want to bring something exciting to the people of Hawaii."

Mohr has been occupied with this monumental project for the past six months. He works around the clock. In his 22-years in the bar business, this is the most challenging project he's taken on.

"I want to deliver a great product, because my name is on this product."

Most of the staff will be hired locally. Mohr has hired a Vegas restaurateur from the Bellagio and Wynn hotel to train the bar staff.