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Infant Dies Under Suspicious Circumstances

Ella Yamamoto visits her granddaughter's gravesite. Ella Yamamoto visits her granddaughter's gravesite.
Alana Rickard-Cowell Alana Rickard-Cowell
Ella Yamamoto Ella Yamamoto

(KHNL) - Honolulu police have opened a child abuse investigation after a baby girl in foster care died a little more than a month ago.

The foster mom was just 19 years old and had a baby of her own. Her husband is 23.

The state licensed them to run a foster home.

K-lyn's sister's grave is not marked. But grandmother Ella Yamamoto doesn't need a headstone to tell her where her sister is buried.

K-lyn asks, "Is she right there in the dirt?"

"Yeah," Ella answers

Ella has had to answer a lot of difficult questions since two month-old Alana Rickard-Cowell died. For some she doesn't have an answer.

Ella recalls, "First time I seen her I fell in love with her. She was cute."

When Alana was born she tested positive for exposure to crystal methamphetamine so Child Protective Services placed her with a foster family.

They took these photos.  Alana appeared healthy, but one day her foster mom found her not breathing.

Ella explains, "C-P-S calls me up and says we have to rush to the hospital because Alana is in critical condition."

"I went to the hospital and she was in a comatose state. We all got to hold her and I had to be strong because everybody was crying," says Ella.

Alana died April 23rd and for Ella, sorrow has turned to anger.

The baby had fractured bones on both her arms and legs and detectives with the Honolulu Police Department's child abuse division are investigating.

Ella demands answers, "I want to know what happened how she became got broken bones how she stopped breathing."

Ella knew Alana's foster mom had an 18-month old of her own but KHNL leared a fact Ella didn't know. They gave Alana to a 19 year-old.

Ella responds, "OK, now I'm more mad. That is not right what they did to her."

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