Elderly Advice

Recent reports by the Honolulu Advertiser and on KHNL spoke about the scams and schemes perpetrated on our seniors.  Whether it's you or your parents who need to be on guard, everyone needs to be more wary than ever due to the inventive, ever-growing business of elderly fraud, abuse, and subterfuge.

The last thing one needs in their golden years beyond health concerns is to worry about questionable phone calls, internet fraud, and mail thievery, but the sad reality is that there are predators out there, waiting to pounce on the vulnerable, and some are even people who know their victims- like family members, believe it or not.  Get caller I.D. at home, shred your mail, or toss it with greasy, grimy food stuffs.  And don't give out any information when you're not sure.  Be especially careful with your medical, financial, and personal information.

It's better to be skeptical and cautious than it is to be sorry and ashamed.  For those low-lifes who prey on our kupuna, may you get what's coming to you- the invaluable rewards of a nice, long prison term, where you can work out your personal issues.  Think about it...