Storm Warnings

There's an old saying that "Men plan, and God laughs". While I hope that's not the case as we head into hurricane season here and throughout the rest of the country, it would be wise for you- right now- to do what's necessary to be prepared for a big breeze passing our way.

Evacuation plans, family communication plans, what to do with pets, caring for the elderly in your family- these are all things that require some sense of urgency and detail today, before everyone else rushes to the stores for their toilet paper, flashlights, rice, and water supplies. And as well as the government appears to be prepared locally as it believes it has its house in order, nature doesn't always follow guidelines, expected protocol, or historical tracking. Just ask the folks in New Orleans, Mississippi, Florida, or Kauai.

Forewarned is forearmed, and now is the time to put together your comprehensive personal disaster and escape plan. This is not Chicken Little crying about the sky falling, it's simply rational planning for all before things get irrational. Think about it...