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Soaring Gas Prices Fuel Small Car Sales

Limei Hsu Limei Hsu
Don Brower Don Brower
The Honda "Fit" The Honda "Fit"

(KHNL) -- When Limei Hsu started looking for a car, her list of needs was short. She said, "something that uses less gas."

She opted for Toyota's new "Yaris". For about $12,000, she'll get around 36 miles per gallon. "Even though it's small, it can still fit 5 people," said Hsu.

And it turns out the new small sub-compacts are fueling big sales.

 "Certainly the gas prices have been part of it," said Rick Ching with Servco Hawaii. "Large SUV's, when you're getting into the teens in terms of miles per gallon compared to something that gives you over 30 miles per gallon, your gas bill will be significantly less."

At the Toyota dealership in Mapunapuna, the three door hatchback is so popular, there's only a few left.

Sales for the four door sedan are also brisk.

And the new Honda "Fit" is selling so fast they don't even have any to show at Pflueger Honda. Even so, many more have been pre-sold. The numbers add up. A $14,000 price tag and about 35 miles per gallon.

"The Fit was on the designing board long before the gas prices went up, it's a very good launch," said Don Brower with Pflueger Honda.

The only down side to the small cars is small profits for dealers.

"But come in and get used to car and name, and hopefully become loyal throughout their lifetime," said Brower.

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