Mission of Aloha: Daily Life in Barangay Catmon

Emily Valles
Emily Valles

SOUTHERN LEYTE, Philippines (KHNL)- Over 3 months ago, a killer mudslide covered the entire village of Guinsaugon in the Philippines. What was the village like before the tragedy?

To find out we visited the neighboring village of Barangay Catmon, and found out the usual Filipino village is bustling with life. A typical barangay, or neighborhood, has about 50 to 100 families.

With us was Hilo resident Day Day Hopkins, who was born in this region of the Philippines. She expands, "There's the crowing of the rooster, the barking of the dogs, the smoke of the dried leaves being burned, people cooking, children screaming and laughing and having fun."

And just a bit of history. The name barangay is derived from the large outrigger canoes the early ancestors of modern Filipinos used when travelling from island to island.