Kauai Dam Report

HONOLULU, Oahu (KHNL)- The state releases a damning report about Kauai's dams. The report says all 54 dams have at least one problem that needs to be fixed. The report lists nearly a dozen problems, and warns if it's not fixed, there could be another failure in the future.

When the Ka Loko dam burst in mid March, it spilled 350 million gallons of water. 7 people died. In the days to follow, it was revealed the state never inspected the dam for safety issues.

Carole Wells and her husband live on land ravaged by the floodwaters. She's pleased to hear the state is trying to correct the dam problems. "I'm really happy they're going forward and making these findings of the inefficiencies of the dams, but I want to know, are they are going to make the people fix them, or is the state going to fix them, how are they going to monitor the repair of these dams, and the cost of these dams."

The Army Corp of Engineers released a report Friday. Problems at the dams include reduced spillway capacity, seepage, vegetation growth, overly steep embankment slopes and erosion. Wells says, "Yes it does shock me. It goes right back to, the state was supposed to inspect these! It is very scary."