Thousands Of Gallons Of Oil Spill Into The Pacific

Thousands Of Gallons Of Oil Spill Into The Pacific

(KHNL) - West Oahu waters are slick from an Oahu spill off Barbers Point.

After close to 2,000 gallons of crude oil gushed into the Pacific.

The clean up began to contain this spill and spare ocean wildlife.   From above on Chopper 8 you can see the sheen of light crude oil spreading away from Oahu.

The crude oil went out to the west and then further south away from the island. The spill came from the Front Sunda, which was offloading 42 million gallons of crude a mile and a half from Barbers Point when a coupling in the oil line separated sending some of that oil into the ocean.

About one to two thousand gallons were spilled.

Clean up ships were deployed to catch the crude which floats high in the water. Helicopters were also used to see if wildlife were caught in the slick.

Search crews were specifically looking for seabirds and turtles.

They have not seen anything so far but after a day of using oil absorbing booms clean up efforts have stopped.

There will be additional tests on the oil tanker and the pipeline before the oil transfer resumes.

A final helicopter flyover will happen Sunday to see if any problems remain.