Honolulu After Dark: Paperdoll Review at Fusion's

Raquel Gregory
Raquel Gregory
Leanne Schwab
Leanne Schwab
Charlen Gascon
Charlen Gascon

WAIKIKI (KHNL): As a tribute to the Will and Grace series finale we're taking you to the longest running female impersonator show in Waikiki.  The Paper Doll Review show in has been running for the past 14 years. Hours before the show begins Justice, short for "Justice for All"  is getting ready for the first number.

"Its going back and forth between girls. and they're getting ready and you have to jump over them," says female impersonator Justice for All.

Justice, who usually has six changes in a show, has been performing for about 10 years.

"Oh I love it. It's a rush!"

The show's director Raquel Gregory greets the crowd minutes before the fanfare begins.  Moments later Justice is ready for showtime!

"Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the paper doll review," says Gregory.

The opening number has all the glitz and glamour of a Las Vegas show.

The adrenaline begins to kick-in backstage.

"I think the stress actually comes when the opening number comes," says Gregory.

The make-up false eye lashes, wigs and costumes create the ultimate illusion.

"When you look at them you cannot even think they're someone else," says show attendee Charlen Gascon.

It's a packed house tonight.  Surprisingly, the majority of the people in the crowd are women.

"I trip out because I'm a real girl myself. And sometimes I see them on stage I think wow they look better than me," says Gascon.

"Women are really fascinated by this to see that a man can really look the part as a woman," says Gregory.

"It must be a lot of fun to wear a giant wig and all that jewelry and those fancy outfits," says show attendee Leanne Schwab.

Schwab decided to come here for her bachelorette party.

"When's the wedding? In a week. Next week?"

Most of Leanne's friends have never been to a drag show.

"They put on a good show and they're actually funny too," says Schwab.

Putting on a show like this takes a lot of hard work and confidence.

"How many men would go out on the street and put on a dress? Takes a lot of courage," says Gregory.

The Paperdoll Review's newest show will premier May 21st 8pm.

Next Thursday in our continuing series, Honolulu After Dark, we'll take you to another soon-to-be happening spot ... under construction.