National Guardsmen Cleanup McCully Stream

(KHNL) - A month and a half after the rains stopped, the cleanup continues at the Makiki Stream.

Residents in Mccully can sleep more comfortably thanks to the Army National Guardsmen who cleaned-up the stream next to their homes.

Those living along the Makiki Stream say it's about time something was done to decrease the threat of future flooding.

On Wednesday, a team of about 30 guardsmen hauled away truckloads of bulky items swept in by the heavy rains in Makiki Stream last month.

Some of the folks who live there say it was a nice surprise to finally see something being done.

It took a team to haul a 500-pound tree trunk away.

Lieutenant Carl Hood of the Army National Guard lists some of the things they found: "Corrugated roofing material, a 15-foot wide four feet diameter corrugated pipe and that was buried like four feet in mud and soot."

Most of the guardsmen recently returned from Iraq and Kuwait.

"It's nice to help out the community. That's what were here for," says Hood.

Residents are thrilled.

"I think they did a hell of a job, a hell of a job. For them to take time out and help the community its our money, the taxpayers money well spent," says McCully resident Raymond Lalosin.

Although the stream has been cleaned up, one problem still remains.

Sediment is building up on the stream floor.

"The dirt and mud has been accumulating. I think it's like three feet," says McCully resident Kenneth Lee.

Lee says the stream used to be dredged on a regular basis.

He says, "As of late, with different administrations, different mayors, they stopped. I think five years they haven't done anything."

Although neighbors can sleep a bit easier at night, they still fear the next heavy rains.

"Please mister mayor," Lee pleads, "please send a crew here and dredge the stream. We need your help. We don't want to be underwater again."

Neighbors were told by the state that the stream won't be dredged until 2007.