Getting Involved Does Matter

Whether it was the Kewalo Basin redevelopment plan or Hokulia, the general public actually got involved in letting legislators know how it felt this year, and verdicts were reached, in part, based on public input. Guess what, that's the way it's supposed to be in a true democracy- government for the people, by the people, you know the routine.

So now we head toward election season, where Hawaii stands in first place, or last place, depending on how you look at it, as less people vote here than in ANY other state in America. 51 % of eligible voters turned out in 2004, well below the 64 % national average. I know elections are months away, but register now, and then mark down primary and general election dates on your calendar or your forearm if you must, and get involved. It is your home, your community, your islands.

As we have seen by the legislation swing on a number of issues, it really does matter what you do and say. Nice to see this session that so many did more than just think about it…