Claim Your Treasure From The State

(KHNL) -- There is more than just millions of dollars waiting to be claimed from the state.

There is also a vault of treasures, from gold to family heirlooms to priceless pieces of the past.

And some of that could belong to you!

If you ever dream of hunting for treasure , look no further than your very own computer.

A couple of clicks of the keyboard and you can tap into the state's Unclaimed Property Division.

"We have over 100 million in unclaimed funds" said Department of Budget and Finance Administrator Scott Kami.

With all that money sitting there, chances are someone you know will have a pleasant surprise.

"$102! Woo-hoo!" said one employee who checked his name on the state's website.

And we didn't have to look far to find a few other lucky KHNL employees.

Where does all the money come from? It is leftover from unclaimed inheritances, old savings accounts or refunds from businesses that people have just forgotten.

But along with the unclaimed money, the state also has a treasure chest of unclaimed property.

Many of the items come from safe deposit boxes that people have either forgotten about or stopped paying on - everything from gold coins, rare stamps and expensive jewelry.

All waiting for someone to call their own.

Now, if your unclaimed items came from a safe deposit box you may have to pay overdue fees and charges to the bank, but the state will let you see your property first so you'll know if this treasure hunt is worth your time.

There is no time limit to tracking down your treasure, the state holds onto everything of value indefinitely.

But with millions waiting to be claimed, along with valuable items, why wait to see if you have unclaimed money?

Just call # 586-1589 or click on the link we've provided.

And email us at  info8@  if you get lucky!