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Video Games: Buyer Beware

Lloyd Tark Lloyd Tark

by Darren Pai

(KHNL) Whether it's action, speed, or adventure, gamers these days have a lot of choices. With so many games on sale, parents may not know what to look for.

"When they actually do come in they're asking for recommendations," said Lloyd Tark of Toys 'N Joys in Kaimuki.

Start with the rating system. Just like the movies, some games aren't made for kids. Look at the labels, "E" for everybody, "T" for teens.

"M" means mature audiences, so parents of young gamers may want to put that one back on the shelf.

"They want something that's more appropriate for their children than violence, which the majority of the parents don't really want," Tark said.

Brand new games range from $30-60, but there are ways of saving a little cash. Most stores like Toys 'N Joys stock bins of used games, where recent titles can usually be found.

"Used games are actually really good," Tark said. "The consumer does save a lot more money than purchasing it brand new."

Best-selling titles are often reissued months after their original release date at lower prices, usually around $20. Look for games labeled "greatest hits," they typically offer the most fun for your money.

"If it was a game they were itching to buy way back but they didn't get around to it, they can actually buy it at a lower price," Tark said.

Gaming websites offer critical reviews and previews of the latest titles, giving gamers an idea whether a new game lives up to the hype.

"If any parent is concerned about what their kids are buying, they should definitely check the net, see what the reviews are," Tark said.

Today's games offer a lot of choices, but you don't have to spend a lot to find the right game for your gamer.

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