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Mom Of The Year

Sally Lee Sally Lee
Donette Tew Donette Tew

(KHNL) - It's a special honor given out to one mom in the state each year. This years mother for 2006 is Sally Lee.

"She's an angel, the kids call her Auntie Sally," says Donette Tew. But you can call her the Hawaii State Mother Of The Year by American Mothers Incorporated.

 She was nominated because of her work in bringing families like the Tews together.

"I've been working with birth parents for 25 years so some of the babies I've placed for adoption are now 25 years old," says Sally.

All of the kids she's meet over the years helps makes this day for moms even more important. 

"I have enjoyed being a mother of 6 children, I have loved raising them and I love so many other children, so mothers day is special."

As the Tews spend the day with their four adopted children they couldn't agree more about this special mom, "We haven't been able to have any children of our own so they way we have children,we have a family because of others.

We're really grateful for the service she gives it helps people like me get to be moms.

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