Troops Deployed To Iraq

Staff Sgt. Mario Dacuycuy
Staff Sgt. Mario Dacuycuy
Kat Kain
Kat Kain

(KHNL) - It's the news many were expecting , but many moms did not want to hear this mother's day weekend.

More than a hundred and twenty five soldiers with the Hawaii Army Reserve have been mobilized for duty in Iraq.

Hawaii troops gearing up for their next deployment got word Saturday of when they will be shipping out.

"I volunteered for this because i wanted to see iraq - that's where i wanted to go," says staff sgt. Mario Dacuycuy.

He will get to see Iraq in July , as soldiers with the 657th support group take over administration and maintenance duties at a base near Baghdad.

But while some soldiers are eager to go, for some wives and mothers like Jocelyn Dacuycuy , today's news is especially difficult on this special Mother's Day weekend.

"First mothers day and then my birthday and he's going to be training through all of this. I just really hope they're going to be safe , that's all i can say."

For Kat Kain, who is in the army reserve, the weeks leading up to the deployment notice have been busy. Filled with training and preparations , it has been a stressful situation for this mom, leaving little time for her family.

Sentiments of this mom are echoed by the families of these soldiers soon to be sent overseas.

"When we all get to be a family again - it will be nice. I'm looking forward to that!"