Street Party Lights Up Waikiki

Honolulu (KHNL)

Forget candlelight!

The moon lit up the party Friday night in Waikiki.

The "Vintage Meets Vogue" street party on Kalakaua Avenue was a big hit.

Festivities started with a look into the 1930's and as the night went on, so did the years, until people were brought to back to present day Waikiki.

People who attended enjoyed native arts and crafts, creations from some of Waikiki's best chefs and a hula and music concert.

"I think it's wonderful, " said Kaneohe Resident Yolanda Torres. "I think anything that brings tourists and locals into Waikiki to see what we have to offer is always a positive."

"Vintage Meets Vogue" was a tribute to those who helped bring Hawaiian culture to the world.