Makiki Residents Demand Stream Dredging

HONOLULU (KHNL) -  The clean-up on Oahu is nearly done after March's heavy rains, but the lessons learned are far from over.

When flash floods inundated Makiki stream in March, it left a path of destruction damaging dozens of homes and businesses in Makiki and McCully.

Though the victims see themselves as survivors, they're now fearful about the next heavy rains. Flood victim Raymond Lalosin has spent more than $30,000 to fix damage.

"We just go day by day, keep fixing and cleaning," says Lalosin.

The Makiki stream next to his house overflowed, flooded his house and wiped out an entire concrete wall on the side.

"There was a lot of personal items that were lost that pretty much can't be recovered," says Lalosin.

Just up the stream Suzanne Cologne can again enjoy the trickling water.

"Just flowing peacefully, it's beautiful," says Cologne.

Suzanne was also a victim of the flash flood.

"There was so much debris coming down, so much debris. It were like logs and all kinds of things across the river bed," says Cologne.

Both Suzanne and Raymond feel if the Makiki stream had been dredged there might have been less damage.

"I think the city and the state should have done their part," says Cologne.

Raymond was told the next time the stream will be dredged will be in 2007.

"Who do we go to now? Do we go to NASA now? What does it take to get a stream dredged?"

Raymond has started a petition in his neighborhood in hopes of getting the stream dredged as soon as possible.

He's planning to drop it off at Honolulu mayor Mufi Hannemann's office.