Head-On Collisions Raise Concerns Along Kunia Road

KUNIA (KHNL) - It's a stretch of road that has been the site of two accidents in recent weeks on Oahu.

Four women died on Kunia Road on April 24, when the truck they were riding in, crashed into a cement truck. And on Wednesday morning, another accident in the same area.

Around 6:30 a.m. police and paramedics responded to a head-on collision at Kunia Road and Anonui Street. Two people were hurt and taken to the hospital.

Last month, four people died when the truck they were riding in, collided with a cement truck. People in Kunia are well aware of that fatal crash and had a lot of complaints about the two-lane road.

"I've seen a lot of traffic, congestion here, especially speeding," said Santi Lau.

In the past few years, this area has grown. New homes and businesses continue to pop up, attracting more people to Kunia.

"I mean the amount of traffic that goes between Ewa Beach, Schofield Barracks and Wheeler, it's too much to handle by that road," said Paula Bennett, who works in Kunia.

"What I think is needed is more lanes on the road so there's more fluid traffic, it's more easy to get through," said Jimmy Rodriguez, driver.

State officials have no plans to improve Kunia Road. They said widening it would cost $100 million. They say they need to focus on areas that are heavily congested, such as Fort Weaver Road in Ewa.

So for now, drivers will just have to be more cautious.

"Now I kind of watch my surroundings," said Bennett.