When Wrong is Righted

When was the last time some notable person in a position of power publicly admitted that he or she was wrong? When was the last time someone of note didn't blame an error on the computer or the system or "the dog chewed my homework up"?

Well, one week ago, the acting director of the Pacific Tsunami Center in Ewa Beach admitted that they blew it; they had not given Tonga a tsunami "watch" or "warning" notification after an underwater earthquake occurred near Tonga . He even called it a "foul up". Tonga simply wasn't notified, a major error considering Tonga 's proximity to the underwater earthquake that might have caused an ocean swell or surge.

This problem "will not happen again", came the declaration. I believe this man, because after all, he actually shouldered the blame publicly, a too rare occurrence in this "who me?" society of gaffes, blunders, excuses, cover-ups, and shirking of responsibility. The earthquake didn't shake us, but the error sure did. Good job. Think about it…