New York Artist Expresses Patriotism with Paint

Chopper 8 shows LoBaido's work atop the Boston's Pizza in Aiea.
Chopper 8 shows LoBaido's work atop the Boston's Pizza in Aiea.
Scott LoBaido
Scott LoBaido

AIEA (KHNL) - Scott LoBaido is on a mission to spread patriotism across the country, all with the stroke of his paint brush. The artist from New York City is traveling to all 50 states, to paint flags on rooftops.

"I get on that roof I'm 20 years old, but up there at the end of the day, I'm 41," said LoBaido. "I'm aching. My feet are crooked. My back, my arms hurt, but it's worth every stitch of it."

LoBaido finished up his work at the Boston's Pizza in Aiea on Tuesday. He isn't getting paid for this work. He's doing it for something that money can't buy.

"I'm an artist in New York City," he said. "My freedom is unlimited to express myself, and my future is just as unlimited."

"I realize that I owe a great deal of gratitude to certain individuals who, you know, sacrificed for that -- which is all the military personnel."

LoBaido called his work "giant thank you cards" for America's troops.

"This is what I have to do," he said. "Just being creative as an artist and getting a message across, stirrin' up a little patriotism."

LoBaido chose rooftops as his canvas because he wanted the troops to see the flag waving to them as they come home. He says each flag is special, using shading, shadows, and highlights to give each the appearance of waving in the wind.

"This country is alive. This country is awesome. I love it here," said LoBaido. "For me to just paint it red white and blue, is not doing it justice, it's gotta be alive."

Hawaii is stop number 13 on his tour.