Friends and Classmates Mourn Kauai Teen's Death

Friends of John Dacuycuy gathered Monday to remember their Kapaa High classmate.
Friends of John Dacuycuy gathered Monday to remember their Kapaa High classmate.

KAUAI (KHNL) - The search for missing 17 year-old swimmer John Dacuycuy was called off Monday afternoon.

Dacuycuy went swimming in choppy waters off Nukoli'i Saturday and apparently drown. Friends tried to tow him in but a wave pulled his body out to sea.

Classmates gather to comfort each other and his parents. Brayden Martin was among those grieving, "I live right next to him, his next door neighbor, he's one good kid, smart kid, never into trouble always lay low."

Amber Pagio is stunned by the tragedy, "When you are sad, he makes you happy. He makes you laugh. Sometimes he says the stupidest things. Like if we go out he pays for everything. He would not accept no money. We all love him want to be there for his family."

Phillip Papagayo adds, "What a waste smart kid just get along everybody."

Volunteers and rescuers combed the water and the beach for signs of the missing teen. What appeared to be human remains were discovered along the shoreline Sunday.

Lab test results expected tomorrow may tell us if they belong to Dacuycuy.

The teen was missed at Kapaa High School where a moment of silence was observed by students. Counselors were available for grieving students

In the school parking lot friends wrote notes and remembered their classmate.

They also gathered at their favorite hangout, Marine Camp, where happier times included bonfires and talking into the night.

Brayden Martin remembers John, "One good kid all around, good grades, always help parents, always be coo,l everybody never have problems with anybody."

Amber Pagio sums it up, "We all love him want to be here for his family for each other."