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Howard Turns Teacher In Job Swap

Howard Dashefsky and Jennifer Hong Howard Dashefsky and Jennifer Hong
Jennifer Hong Jennifer Hong

(KHNL) In Howard's first installment of "Job Swap", he has a guest on the anchor desk. Jennifer Hong is a second grade teacher at Punahou school. Here is the deal. Howard does her job and she ready to do his.

Howard asks Jen, "So why did you want to trade places?"

Hong replies, "I wanted to help anchor the News 8 because I've always admired Newscasters and thought that it would be a challenging, yet fun job. And I wanted "Dash" to do my job because I know he reports on education a lot, and wanted him to know for himself what it's like to be a teacher."

From the moment you step into Jennifer Hong's 2nd grade classroom you can tell she was born to teach.

Howard inquires, "Tell me about you as a teacher. What do you take from this because it's such an important part of these kids lives?"

Hong answers, "Well I want to make sure I'm a good role model and that they leave this classroom with an attitude of learning so they become what we call, life-long learners."

On this day her lesson plan had a bit of a wrinkle in it. The clock was ticking, and soon Howard would be on the hot seat.

He asks the class, "Ahhh. Are you guys allowed to sit in Ms. Hong's chair? Well then I'm pretty special aren't I?"

But unlike Ms. Hong, Howard admits he wasn't exactly born to teach.

At least not by following the game plan she laid out for him. So he did what he does best. He ad-libbed. He tested their knowledge of current events.

"Okay, who knows who the President of the United States is? George W. Bush okay?" Howard asks the class.

And he threw in a little math for good measure.

Soon his heart was really in it. And the kids were on fire. Even Ms. Hong got into the game.

Howard tested them, "You want a heart? Sure. Where do you want it? On my forehead like everyone else, ha-ha-ha."

But like any good teacher he did come to class with one solid lesson to share. The subject was science and the word of the day was "propulsion". He taught them, "And the definition is: the force that moves something forward or onward".

So with the help of balloons in the school colors of course, and a little huffing and puffing. It was lesson learned!

And with that, his short, but rewarding teaching career was over. So what grade did Howard earn?

Jennifer Hong says, "It would be an "A" because you kept them entertained and I think you treated them respectfully and they love that. So an A-plus". She adds, "I always try to show my students the importance of being a good communicator, and I think Dash was an excellent example."

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