Family Affair

Next week is National Family Week, which culminates in Mother's Day next Sunday, but I really hope that you consider every week "family week" in one way or another. Aside from the genetic blood and DNA ties, family can often be your most honest allies and rational critics. Family can often be the people who truly are there in your time of need, people who truly understand you, from birth right up to the end. Maybe it's a cousin, an auntie, or a younger sibling.

Whether it's a card of thanks, an e-mail to update things, or a simple call of appreciation, next week is as good a time as any to remind those certain family members that you really do care, you really do appreciate, you really do enjoy their presence. Sometimes, perhaps we are so busy that we take family around us for granted, and then it is often the traumatic and sudden occurrences which remind us how vital family can be.

And then it's too late. So why wait? Notice it now and acknowledge it now, by doing something or saying something nice. Think about it…