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May 3, 2006

Positive News

And then the rains finally came to an end. And when the skies had cleared, the homeless were finally given some hope, a brief respite so that they can try to find longer-term solutions. And then Kapolei was given the promise of a wonderful new community center. And the annual Lei Day celebration has given us the gift of marvelous scents and glorious sights, once again. And UH won’t have to pay rent any more at Aloha Stadium, just like all of those visiting clients to whom we seemed to show more aloha than we did to our own state university.

And tax payers in many categories will see some tax relief right away. And the public schools will get more repairs done with classrooms and buildings getting fixed, hopefully sooner rather than later.

Yes, lo and behold, it appears that bi-partisanship actually moved things along in this year’s legislative sessions on a number of significant issues, a rare occurrence in America these days where party lines and power plays often supersede sensible decision-making. And it even happened in an election year. Sunny days, indeed...Keep it comin’! Think about it…

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