Where's Peter Boy?

Peter Kema, Jr.
Peter Kema, Jr.
Grandparents James and Yolanda Acol
Grandparents James and Yolanda Acol

by Beth Hillyer

(KHNL) - Peter Boy Kema would turn 15 years old Monday (5/1).

He's been missing from the Big Island since 1997 when his dad claims he gave him to a woman named Auntie Rose Makuakane.

Six years ago Big Island police wrapped up their investigation and referred the case to prosecutors.

KHNL News 8 has learned Hawaii police named Jaylin and Peter Kema, Peter Boy's parents as the prime suspects.

Nothing has changed since then. Peter Boy's grandparents continue to demand justice in this case.

Home video of Peter Boy shows happier times. At just three years old he sings, "You are my sunshine you make me happy when skies are gray. "

Today, Peter Boy would be 15 years old.

Grandmother Yolanda Acol says, "We just celebrate his birthday by lighting a candle."

Grandparents James and Yolanda Acol haven't forgotten the bright-eyed boy, an early victim of child abuse.

James Acol says he talks to Peter Boy everyday, "Still do my walk in the morning and talk to him in my own special way."

When he was just three months old, Peter Boy suffered fractured ribs and legs.

He was raised by his grandparents and foster parents. But later, a court order returned him to his biological parents, Jaylin and Peter Kema Senior.

Peter Boy disappeared months later.

In at taped interview in 1998, Peter Kema told Beth Hillyer, "I'd like the public to know trying to look for my son very hard for us we can't find him so please anyone with information call police."

But James Acol doubts Kema's story, "My honest feeling is that something terrible did happen to Peter."

Last year the State Department of Human Services released two thousand pages of confidential Kema records including interviews with Peter Boy's siblings.

The Acols say they are heartbroken by abuse detailed by his brother and sister.

"How can a dad do that to his own son making him stay in bathroom make him sleep outside with no blanket."

Acol believes the siblings may hold the answer to what happened, "They seen him put him in the trunk dead or alive we don't know but some kids did see put him in car in a box."

They want the case to go to trial.

"According to police they did their share. They turned everything over to the Prosecutor's office and that's where it's been ever since. I don't know what's happening prosecutor office."

Hawaii County prosecutor Mike Kagami says, "We are still investigating and we meet on the case monthly. we only get one chance to try a murder case."

"Just be patient. Just be patient, but how long," Yolanda Acol wonders.