High Gas Prices Put a Pinch on Businesses

Keith Gomes of Room Service in Paradise
Keith Gomes of Room Service in Paradise

(KHNL) - The next time you ask for something to be delivered, whether it be food or flowers, you may need a little more green.

Local businesses are being forced to increase their rates to keep up with the rising cost for gas.

Room Service in Paradise, a restaurant delivery service, recently started charging customers an extra fee for gas and may have to increase it this week.

"And probably up it to 10-15 cents to once again compensate for the expense drivers are incurring," said Keith Gomes, general manager.

Over at Watanabe Floral, company officials are also concerned with the high cost of gas. In October, they had to raise delivery rates for the first time in 20 years, and they fear they may have to do it again.

They continue to keep a close eye on the prices at the pump.

"But I think if it ever got close to $4 or over $4, we're definitely going to have to take a look," said Monty Pereira, Wantanabe's sales manager.

They hope their customers will understand that asking for a little more green, will help these companies and their employees stay out of the red.

"I am at a deficit pretty much," said Higa.