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April 26, 2006


To paraphrase an old adage, “Roads don’t kill, people do”. For the most part, when cars collide, we call it an “accident”, not an “on purpose”. Few drivers mean to cause the kind of carnage we have seen this week and many other times. Stuff simply happens, I guess- but it happens because of people, and we all end up feeling sorry about needless loss.

But people speed, people get distracted, people’s minds wander as if driving was simply a rote exercise whereby the car will automatically get you from here to there with no issues along the way. But reality kicks in, people push the pedal to the medal- let me just pass this car, let me just sneak in here, let me just merge two lanes at the last second.

Sometimes, these moves work. Sometimes, the consequences are deadly. Odds are, it’s never worth the risk. Normally, that Indy 500 move saves you about 10-seconds in the long haul, but that’s if you make it. Simple rules- drive right, leave earlier, don’t tailgate, focus on the road and its surroundings. Arrive alive. Think about it…

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