City Scrambles to Meet EPA Deadline

(KHNL) - The city raced against a deadline Monday to file a report to the Environmental Protection Agency.

The EPA wants a detailed explanation for last month's 48-million-gallon sewage spill into the Ala Wai Canal.

The agency wants to know the steps the city is taking to minimize the amount of untreated wastewater released in the future.

The EPA is also asking the city to send them pictures of the repair work being done to the sewer system.

After EPA officials review the report, they will decide their next step.

"There may be some decisions as far as whether we need more information, whether what the report the city sends to us is sufficient, or that we'll look at working with the city, as far as trying to get us into compliance and to make sure they plan for future possibilities of a spill," said Dean Higuchi, EPA Public Affairs Specialist.

Mayor Mufi Hannemann says the city is doing what it can to correct the situation.

He says the report also includes a maintenance plan on the sewer system.

EPA officials say it's too early to talk about possible fines the city could receive, but that is a possibility.