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Mayor Responds to NY Times Editorial

(KHNL) - An editorial ran in Friday's New York Times, bashing Honolulu and the city government for the way it handled the sewage spill in march.

The piece says government officials are, quote, "reaping the results of years of infrastructure neglect."

The paper then went on to critique Mayor Mufi Hanemann, saying, "...preventive maintenance is better than an emergency ad campaign to keep tourists coming."

Two weeks ago Mayor Hanemann flew to Washington for a Travel and Tourism Summit to tout Hawaii as a tourism destination and to showcase our island beaches and activities.

"I always say you look at every crisis as an opportunity.  And I think what this has done is show that we have to pay attention to projects underground, and not just projects above ground," said Mayor Hannemann in a Monday interview. 

The mayor says the city wasn't maintaining the sewer systems when he took office in January 2005.

"You can't correct 10, 20 years of negligence all at once.  It doesn't happen overnight. But I really believe we are taking the steps necessary to ensure that we leave this place a better place," said Hannemann.

"I look forward to the New York Times article a year from now, when they can say that things are under control, that we're moving forward, and that we really haven't suffered irreparable harm or damage."




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