Organ Donors Give Life to New Friendships

WAIPAHU, Oahu (KHNL)- Dozens gathered this morning for a bittersweet ceremony to celebrate life.

Families of organ donors- and organ recipients- marked a special day at the Filipino Community Center.

Inside the small white boxes are the butterflies you can see.

The other kind flutter in your heart.

Six years ago Jessie Ginoza lost her son Steven, but donated his organs to three different people.

"It'll be 6 years on Mothers Day this year. We have come to realize by donating his organs we've extended his life in a sense. That gives me a good feeling."

The Ginozas released butterflies today to remember their son.

Jessie reflects, "It has really blessed me. I feel like Steven's still around."

He is, in Yolanda Domingo.

"It was my Mother's Day gift. I received Steven's heart. I would've been dead in 2 weeks if not for Steven and his parents." Domingo calls it the gift that keeps giving. "I'm so thankful because I was able to see my son get married and my younger son graduate."

Jessie smiles.

"Organ donation is really a positive thing to do. You don't need your organs in heaven, so leave it on earth."

The two families are close now- introduced by tragedy, but united by love. Domingo says of Steven, "To me he hasn't passed away. He lives on in me every day."