Police Recover Stolen Badge, Radio and Belt; Police Uniform still missing

Capt. Frank Fujii
Capt. Frank Fujii
Ewa road where break-in occurred Wednesday
Ewa road where break-in occurred Wednesday

HONOLULU (KHNL) --  Police recovered an officer's stolen badge, belt and radio on Friday.

On Thursday, they found his gun.

But Honolulu police are still concerned that someone could be impersonating a police officer because a uniform is still missing.

It all started when an off-duty Honolulu Police Officer had car trouble and left his Dodge Neon on the side of the road in Ewa on Wednesday.

Police say he secured his uniform and gun belt in the car and then left to get help.

When he returned a half-hour later, everything was gone.

"While he was gone from his vehicle, someone broke into his vehicle and stole his police equipment that he had in the car at the time," says Capt. Frank Fujii, Honolulu Police spokesman.

A police uniform, a loaded nine-millimeter gun, a police radio and belt were taken.

"If someone were to go out and perpetrate a crime using it, we'd feel awfully terrible about it," says Fujii.

Over the past 24 hours, a 26 year old man, a 30 year old woman and a 17-year old boy were arrested.

The suspects were arrested at Tracks Beach Park.

Officers patrolling the area noticed a handgun in a vehicle.

They ran a check and discovered the gun was stolen.

The radio and belt were recovered Friday.

The uniform is still missing.

"We want to minimize the person's ability to misuse or abuse the uniform. somebody can do some real atrocity, atrocities by impersonating an officer because they have the whole gamut," says Fujii.

The uniform belonged to officer Taasi Faumui, a six year police department veteran and a former University of Hawaii and NFL football player.

"Were going to presume that anyone who has the gaul and the audacity to steal our equipment like this, were going to presume your armed and considered to be very dangerous," says Fujii.

The uniform has the name T. Faumui on it, and badge number 2879.

If you are approached by someone wearing it, you should call Honolulu police.