Tape Recording Delays Trial for Dance Instructor Accused of Sex Assault

Daniel Jones
Daniel Jones

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- The trial for a dance instructor accused of fondling several students was supposed to begin Friday but a secret tape recording threw a glitch into the process.

With a tiny tape recorder in his pocket, the father of one of the victims secretly had a man-to-man conversation with Daniel Jones.

But now defense attorneys want those taped conservations tossed out of court.

Daniel Jones has been charged with sexually assaulting several dance students at an Aiea dance studio.

When one young victim told her parents, her father confronted Daniel Jones with a tape recorder in his pocket.

This concerned father later filed a police report accusing Daniel Jones of sexually assaulting his daughter.

Other dance students made similar allegations.

Prosecutors want the tape played at trial but defense attorneys do not.

KHNL is concealing the father's identity to protect his daughter.

Jones is charged with 17 counts of sex assault in the third degree.